Door Phone RL-3208

Door Phone RL-3208
Door Phone RL-3208
Model: RL-3208
Weight: 1.50kg
Availability: In Stock
Price: RM108.00
Ex Tax: RM108.00
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  • 2-wire connection between indoor unit and outdoor unit
  • Electric-controlled unlocking
  • Enclosed one adaptor
  • Outdoor unit meets IP44 waterproof standard
  • Raincover is available
  • Flush mounting version.
  • The aluminum alloy panel of the outdoor unit is anti-oxidation metal
  • The lock is connected with the outdoor unit.
  • The talking voice is very clear .
  • The maximum working distance is around 200m.
  • Easy installation for DIY
  • Enclosed One transformer 230V/9V AC or 110/9V AC

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