Analog GSM Phone ETS-5623

Analog GSM Phone ETS-5623
Analog GSM Phone ETS-5623
Brand: Huawei
Model: ETS-5623
Weight: 1.50kg
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Frequency Band : TD-SCDMA 2010~2025MHz
Model Number : ETS5623
Wire Type : Cordless
Type : GSM
Port Number : 1
color : white
battery : yes

  • TD-SCDMA/GSM double model fixed radio telephone
  • to provide the battery to be possible to wait for an opportunity for 72 hours after the power cut (to regard the short information which network condition decides)
  • may save receives and transmits
  • to come the electricity, sends a telegram the information storage and may inquire
  • may in the this aircraft and the SIM card the memory and the browsing telephone name card, and may carry on to it when the edition
  • telephone thin number infiltrates, the this aircraft demonstrated the memory comes the electricity person name
  • to have the pre-placed digit dialing function, may edit, deletes has not allocated the number
  • to have the call forwarding and to call waited for the function (needs network support)
  • recent to send a telegram the number to dial the function
  • Pinyin input method again, the intelligent English input method, basic English input method,The stroke input method, the digital input method
  • may establish the noisy bell, also the noisy bell ting type may choose
  • the this aircraft to provide many kinds of tings
  • to be possible to demonstrate the date, the clock, the digit dialing, the telephone conversation time, the recent information and so on the dynamic information
  • display monitor liquid crystal contrast gradient may adjust

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